Protection One, Experts in remote protection, Mikaël Perhirin

Date de publication : 26 janv. 2013 21:31:56

Founded in 1989, Protection One specialises in electronic security systems (CCTV, electronic surveillance and access control). Its client base is composed principally of business customers for whom the company installs protection systems adapted to their particular security requirements (such as theft, vandalism, stock shortfalls and so forth). Monitoring is then carried out by the client directly (using the CCTV systems) or more frequently by one of Protection One’s electronic surveillance centres. Highly protected (by measures including reinforced doors, CCTV cameras and ‘airlock’-type security entrances), they are in constant contact with all of the monitoring systems located at some 50,000 sites. With a presence in France consisting of around 20 local offices and approximately 700 employees, Protection One provides its customers with a bespoke service that takes account of the risk factors associated with each customer’s region and environment.